Bintang Beer in BALI

I Love google...

Bintang Beer (Indonesian: Bir Bintang, literally "Star Beer") is the best selling brand of beer in Indonesia and is produced by Multi Bintang, an Indonesian subsidiary of Heineken.

The 5% Pilsner has a malt and hop flavour. Its taste is often compared to Heineken and the Bintang bottle is also reminiscent of a Heineken bottle. Bintang makes a shandy-type product called Green Sands; a beer mixed with lime that has less than 1% alcohol.
Construction of the brewery began in Surabaya in 1929 during Dutch colonial rule of Indonesia. In 1949, following Indonesian independence, the brewery was renamed 'Heineken's Indonesian Brewery Company'. In 1957, the Indonesian Government appropriated the brewery, and retained control for the next ten years. In 1967 Heineken resumed operations of the brewery, which was later renamed "Multi Bintang Indonesia".

Obvio que tiver que degustar a famosa beer ... e fraquinha na linha da SKOL.

Fonte: Wikipedia

ahhh e pesquisando no google o que encontrei no Brasil  a Bitang  moda para surfistas...

Have a nice day!!!

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