Vaucluse House

Located on Sydney Harbour, in one of Sydney's most exclusive areas, Vaucluse House is a stately mansion nestled in a l9th century leafy estate with a kitchen wing, stables and outbuildings and is surrounded by 27 acres of gardens and grounds. The home of William Charles Wentworth, father of the Australian Constitution, his wife Sarah and family from 1827-1853. Vaucluse House depicts the social aspirations and lifestyles of the Wentworths and the servants who lived and worked there. There is a small store that sells contemporary gifts inspired by yesteryear. There is also the Vaucluse House Tearooms.

The mansion comprises three levels made up of 16 rooms. Most of the rooms are furnished in the style and opulence of the times. Many of the original fittings can be seen. There is even an small farm with livestock.


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